Stop Mass Animal Trapping at Terranea Resort!

Stop Mass Animal Trapping at Terranea Resort!

According to a recently filed lawsuit, California's Terranea Resort and Spa in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, has engaged in a monstrous wild animal trapping and killing campaign. Terranea Resort claims to be an "eco-resort" with "the utmost reverence for its native environment," yet the suit alleges that the resort mercilessly killed and/or illegally relocated raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and skunks. Take action now to stop Terranea's death sentence for its local animals!

In California, relocation of trapped wildlife is illegal, and trappers are required by law to kill the unwanted animals they catch in box traps. Even if a trapper claims to relocate rather than gas animals to death in mobile gas chambers, studies show that between 75-90 percent of relocated animals suffer when dumped in unfamiliar and confusing terrain. They are confronted with established predators and frequently dangerous survival conditions until they die. The suit filed in Los Angeles by Alan Kang, Esq. and supported by our organization, alleges the Terrenea Resort is responsible for the mass killing and/or unlawful relocation of 70 raccoons, including babies, 25 opossums, several squirrels, and skunks over a three-year period.

Terranea Resort has engaged in this brazen misconduct, notwithstanding the California Coastal Commission's designation of Terranea's land as protected habitat within the California Coastal National Monument. Terranea must be held accountable for this local attack on innocent animals and must be compelled to protect wild animals moving forward by immediately ceasing all trapping operations.

We demand that Terranea also adopt and publicize a comprehensive humane wildlife management scheme that employs only non-intrusive methods such as exclusion, habitat modification, and hazing.

What YOU Can Do:

Alan Kang, Esq. made several attempts to discuss this important issue with Terranea, but the Resort has stopped responding. Now, we need your support in the form of contact with Terranea Resort's corporate partners and social media outreach to stop the mass trapping and killing of wild animals.

1. Please contact Terranea Resort's key corporate partners asking them to divest in this eco-resort unless they stop killing local wild animals.

Earicles Los Angeles, Dr. Sheryl Lewin, (310) 828-1414

American Academy of Anti-Aging, CEO, Cheryl Whitman, (561) 997-0112

California Orthopedic Association, Vice-President, Leslie Anderson, (916) 454-9884

Avasant Global Headquarters, Vice President, Shevy Magen, (949) 737-4790

Vacation Rental Manager's Association, Executive Director, Mike Copps, (202) 367-1179

Say something like, "Please reconsider your alliance with Terranea Resort, which traps and kills wild animals without consulting wildlife experts. Boycott Terranea until they commit to implementing nonlethal solutions to conflicts with wild animals."

2. Post comments on Terranea Resort's FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages pages urging them to stop trapping and killing wild animals. Encourage them to adopt and publicize a comprehensive humane wildlife management scheme that employs only non-intrusive methods such as exclusion, habitat modification, and hazing.

Urge Terranae Resort to "Immediately stop trapping and killing wild animals on your property. Please consult with wildlife experts to identify nonlethal methods to reduce human-animal conflicts."

3. Terranea Resort pays close attention to its client reviews. If you have stayed at Terranea, please submit a review on Yelp and on Google Reviews. To complete your Google Review: open your internet browser, search for "Terranea Resort," scroll down until you see the "Write a Review" button on the bottom right side of the screen, click this button, and complete the review in the pop-up box.

On your review, say something like "I've decided not to return to Terranea Resort until it stops trapping and killing wild animals on its property. I'll visit Terranea when it employs only non-intrusive methods to resolve conflicts with wild animals such as exclusion, habitat modification, and hazing.

4. Send our letter to Terranea Resort's corporate partners to urge them to terminate their association based on the new findings of mass trapping and killing wild animals at the resort.

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