Stop the Bloody Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison!

Stop the Bloody Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison!

Terrified bison have been trapped in pens and mercilessly butchered. More of our national mammals face the ax. Act now to stop the Yellowstone massacre!

Yellowstone National Park is currently capturing resident bison to serve private ranching interests, and has already shipped 150 to slaughter. Others are held in quarantine, subject to invasive tests to determine if they carry a disease called brucellosis, a reproductive disease introduced to Yellowstone bison by ranchers.

Every year, the National Park Service cooperates in roundups and slaughter to serve ranchers who fear that bison will transmit brucellosis to cows, even though there has never been a documented case of this happening. This senseless bison harassment and slaughter privileges private industry over some of our most iconic wildlife, and works directly against the long-term survival and expansion of the Yellowstone bison herds.

It's unconscionable that our national mammal is not even safe in our oldest national park.

The National Park Service should work to protect our nation's wildlife, especially the bison herds of Yellowstone. These bison are the last truly wild members of their species in the continental United States. Unlike other bison in the U.S., the Yellowstone herd has never been fenced in or bred with domestic cows. They are survivors of the near-extinction of their species in the 1800s, but now face significant oppression and challenges to their growth.

National parks were created to preserve the natural heritage of this country, but the National Park Service is counteracting this important mission through its participation in the persecution of Yellowstone's bison.

What YOU Can Do:

Join us in telling Yellowstone National Park to stop cooperating in the slaughter of America's wild bison!

1) Call Yellowstone Superintendent Cameron Sholly at 307-344-2002.

You can simply say:

I am disappointed that the National Park Service is cooperating with a management plan that prioritizes ranching, a private industry, over the health and well-being of sentient beings who are iconic and important wildlife. Please cease cooperating with a management plan that persecutes the bison of Yellowstone. Our national parks should promote the health of wildlife and preserve biodiversity.

2) Submit our letter to Superintendent Sholly by filling out the form on this page.

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