Stop Trump from Making Extremely Cruel Hunting Practices Legal in Alaska!

Stop Trump from Making Extremely Cruel Hunting Practices Legal in Alaska!

President Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is proposing changes to National Park Service regulations to allow appallingly cruel hunting and trapping methods on 20 million acres of Alaska's national preserves. These include using bait to hunt brown and black bears, using dogs to hunt black bears, using the aid of artificial light to attract and then slaughter mother bears and their cubs in their dens, and shooting swimming caribou from boats. We must not allow this to happen! 

Consistent with the Trump Administration’s continuing all-out assault on wild animals, the reintroduction of these brutal and outrageous hunting methods will not only expose some of Alaska's most revered yet vulnerable wildlife to unconscionable harm, but also create profound imbalances to the entire ecosystem in which these animals play a crucial role. 

This proposal is also unlawful, as it directly contradicts Congress’s statement that the role of the National Park Service in national preserves and other federal lands includes providing for the maintenance of wild animal populations and habitat in Alaska for the “benefit, use, education, and inspiration of present and future generations." 

We urgently need your help to stop this senseless and cruel proposal! 

What You Can Do:

Please contact the National Park Service before July 23 to demand that the National Park Service reject this horrific and senseless rule proposing such brutality in the name of “sport” hunting. Please also share this alert widely.

1) Make a quick and polite call to Herbert Frost, Regional Director of the National Park Service, Alaska Region 

 (907) 644-3510 

You can simply say: 

“I am calling to respectfully but urgently encourage that the National Park Service not proceed with the newly proposed rule RIN 1024-AE38, which would repeal a scientifically-based 2015 rule that banned the use of cruel hunting practices against bears, wolves, coyotes and caribou on Alaskan national preserves.” 

2)  Send our letter, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, and then share our alert.

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