Urgent New Action Needed to Save Animals From Chainsaw Management at Tomales Bay

Urgent New Action Needed to Save Animals From Chainsaw Management at Tomales Bay

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

Help save the lives and homes of thousands of innocent, wild animals living in Tomales Bay State Park in Marin County, California, by speaking out against a “management” project that will destroy this dense and healthy forest.

This lush, unmanaged forest is teeming with wild animals including foxes, raccoons, owls, bobcats, bats, skunks, woodrats, opossums, woodpeckers, coyotes, deer, mice, and hundreds of other wild critters who live here mostly undisturbed.

In Defense of Animals

But their peaceful, wild lives will be shattered by a monstrously destructive and unnecessary so-called “forest health” project using chainsaws, chippers, masticating machines, and herbicides. This industrial assault on this dense, hilly, fog-covered woodland of mixed pines, oak, and bay laurel trees, is justified by falsely labeling this forest-thinning as partly a “restoration” project.


To be eligible for millions of dollars of California's billion-dollar state emergency funding for wildfire fighting, it is simultaneously being advertised as a way to “reduce wildfire danger” — labeling a healthy, wild forest as a danger that must be “managed.”

Tragically, it's just one of many similar multi-million dollar make-work projects that various state and federal agencies are currently proposing in order to obtain funding from California's giant wildfire budget. By claiming that cutting down hundreds of trees both living and dead, and wiping out thousands of understory plants with masticating machines reduces wildfire danger – which it doesn't – these bureaucracies exploit the public's genuine fear of wildfire. (To actually protect houses, create defensible space and “harden” houses against wildfire ignition with simple treatments, don't cut down forests.)


Public participation is being requested by California State Parks (Cal Parks) in a lengthy bureaucratic approval process. We need your comment to stop this forest assault. Thousands of wild animals who live safe, hidden lives here will be driven from their homes in yet another monstrous “management” project. More and more wild habitats of all kinds are today being “managed.” Not even this hilly, secluded woodland forest, designated a state park is safe from attack.

Politely but passionately tell Cal Parks – that you strongly oppose its gasoline-powered assault on Tomales Bay State Park.

The forest at Tomales Bay State Park is beautiful, wild, and healthy — which is why so many wild animals live here. It must be protected from increasing human “management” projects which would chainsaw down hundreds of trees, mow down thousands of smaller plants, and poison still more plants, the soil, waterways, insects, and organisms, all with herbicides. All this damage will be done in a tragic, misguided attempt to control and manipulate wild Mother Nature, with massive killing.


In our era of human-caused climate crisis — which is due to a large extent by deforestation, including with projects like this one — we need more forests and wild places, not fewer.

By protecting this forest, thousands of innocent, wild animals' homes will be spared.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

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