VIDEO: Rare Tule Elk Receive Life-Giving Water Thanks to You

VIDEO: Rare Tule Elk Receive Life-Giving Water Thanks to You

Your generous donations have provided much-needed water to rare Tule elk who are dying of thirst at the Point Reyes National Seashore in California. Watch our video to see the action and learn why Tule elk are being allowed to die in a National Park. 

The elk are fenced in, beset by smoke from nearby wildfires, and their deaths are being ignored by the National Park Service. In Defense of Animals and our partners, Rancho Compasión and ForELK offered water aid for the elk. Shockingly, the National Park Service refused. Brave activists then stepped in to deliver life-giving water to the world’s largest remaining herd of Tule elk.


Thanks to In Defense of Animals supporters, these elk and their precious babies will not die of thirst today. But this temporary supply will not last long. 

Please join our rallying cry to bring "water in, take down the fence, and free the elk" at the Tomales Point Tule Elk Reserve. Their long term survival depends upon it!

It's not too late to help thirsty Tule elk. Please take the actions requested on our alert and then consider making a donation to save the rare and precious Tule elk:

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