Victory! Colorado Cracks Down Further on Wild Animal Killing Contests

Victory! Colorado Cracks Down Further on Wild Animal Killing Contests

On April 30, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission closed a loophole on a statewide ban on organized wild animal killing contests for small fur-bearing animals. As members of the National Coalition to End Wildlife Contests, we’re elated to share this victory, which won by a substantial vote of eight to three!

Wild animal killing contests are known for their cruelty and wanton waste. Participants receive cash and prizes for violently killing innocent animals, slaughtering the most or the largest animals by luring them into firing range with electronic calling devices that imitate the cry of prey or mimic cries of their young in distress.

While there was a ban on killing contests for members of animal species considered “large game” and a ban on killing contests that killed more than five animals per hunter of “small game” and fur-bearing species, this new ban now no longer allows the killing of five animals per hunter as part of a contest. Coyotes and prairie dogs were often the victims of these kinds of killing contests, so this victory is huge positive news for them.

Colorado joins California, Arizona, and Massachusetts in full bans on fur-bearing and “game animal” wild animal killing contests. New Mexico and Vermont have outlawed coyote killing contests and Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington have mixed species wild animal killing bans. Our coalition is working toward full bans in every state. Sadly, these bans do not apply to lawful hunting of predators or fur-bearing animals, and often do not include birds or rodents for the time being, but they are a big step in the right direction.

We’re so thrilled to report this victory, but that’s not all! To top it off, Colorado’s first gentleman, Marlon Reis, just proclaimed the first week of May to be Colorado Animal Protection Week. Reis also established the Governor's Coalition on Animal Protection (GCAP) to advise the current and future first gentleman and governor on issues related to animal protection.

Your support of our efforts is what makes these victories possible. Thank you.

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