Dramatic Rescue from Korean Dog Meat Trade

Dramatic Rescue from Korean Dog Meat Trade

Working on the Korean Dog campaign can be more challenging then other issues as South Korea seems at times to be a world away. But then I get word of an amazing development that makes me feel so close to the activists working tirelessly for the dogs of Korea, uplifts me, and makes me proud to collaborate with them. IDA recently learned that in South Korea, IDA’s partner Coexistence for Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) received information about a remote dog meat farm in Gyeonggi Province. CARE activists paid a visit to the facility and what they found was appalling.

Dogs of different breeds were living in miserable conditions in soiled, ramshackle cages. Some of the dogs had injuries and all were filthy and uncared for. The waste in the cages appeared to have never been cleaned and the dogs sat in piles of feces. The conditions were so horrible that these brave activists felt they couldn’t leave without the dogs. At the risk of being arrested and possible personal injury, they rescued the dogs and brought them to CARE’s animal shelter to be treated, cleaned, and most likely, loved for the first time.

CARE has filed a civil complaint against the facility and instead of getting more dogs, the owner has agreed to demolish the buildings; a momentous victory for the dogs of Korea!

With IDA’s assistance, CARE is also gearing up for a series of lawsuits against dog meat shops in the Mo-ran Market in Gyeonggi Province, citing violations of animal cruelty laws. If convicted, the butchers could be fined up to 5 million won (around $5,000), which could be a significant deterrent for selling dog meat. IDA and CARE are fervently committed to seeing a permanent end to dog meat eating in South Korea.

Check out the amazing photos of this dramatic rescue here-