IDA India's New Animal Ambulance

IDA India's New Animal Ambulance

IDA India works in many different ways to alleviate animal suffering and respond to animals in need. Along with their other important projects, they have a small fleet of animal ambulances that respond directly to animals in crisis and provide immediate care. [singlepic id=164 w=320 h=240 float=right]

One of their ambulances that served as a mobile clinic was in desperate need of replacement due to continuous use and years of service. We’re happy to report that two wonderful supporters of IDA India’s mission, Mr. and Mrs. Sattha, donated a new van in memory of Mr. Sattha’s brother, Ruinton Aspi Sattha. The new van has hit the ground running, and is already being put to good use for injured and homeless animals.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Sattha and IDA India for all you do to help India’s animals in need.

We are proud to be on the same team with you.

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