Keep Pressure on Mamaroneck to Save Geese

Keep Pressure on Mamaroneck to Save Geese

For more than three decades, Canada geese have been peaceful residents of the Columbus Park and Harbor Island Park in the Village of Mamaroneck.

Now, village officials will decide their fate–whether the geese and their families live– or die.

According to Mayor Norm Rosenblum’s callous plan, geese will be rounded up by USDA Wildlife Services (WS) agents during the birds’ molting period when they cannot fly and are entirely helpless. WS frequently gas geese, an incredibly painful death, or throw them in crates and truck them to a slaughterhouse where they are horribly killed. As a last insult, their lifeless bodies will be donated to food banks, with no consideration of the probable contamination by herbicides and pesticides used in areas where these birds previously resided.

WS killed nearly 24,000 Canada geese in 2011, a staggering number. The brutal killing of America’s community geese and their goslings through USDA Wildlife “Services” nationwide must stop, everywhere, including in Mamaroneck.

Killing is never the right answer. Nonlethal and humane solutions exist, but they will only be implemented through political will.  Habitat modifcations can make areas less attractive to resident geese. In addition, nonlethal methods can be used to disperse geese, including those offered by “geesebusters,” who use a powered glider in the shape of an eagle that also emits sounds. Geese recognize the device as a natural predator and will give up their territory.

Make your voice for Mamaroneck’s Canada geese heard! One more time, please…for the geese!

Use the form at this link to send your comments to Mamaroneck and Westchester County officials. Then follow up your letter with a phone call to: Norm Rosenblum, Mayor of Mamaroneck: (914) 777-7738.