More Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary - The Adventure Continues!

More Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary - The Adventure Continues!

We completed our first transport of the new year.  At this moment I can’t recall a more grueling test of my wits, patience, and courage.

The day we returned from our Dec. 15th transport, 19 puppies showed up as we were unloading crates, towels, and supplies. No problem, Lisa and Mike Martin said yes to one family of pups.  Deedra and Kirk Bookout, were just a phone call away. Challenge handled.  Then there were the hoarder Theresa’s dogs and the stray Enid dogs I told you about yesterday, and Ollie, abandoned at our interstate exit. I rescued Norwood on the side of Hwy 7 as I headed for Yalobusha County to aid with dogs whose guardian passed, and the list goes on. Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) and our foster guardians were filled to capacity. There’s nothing new about this, but it just shows how vital the transports are. The new ACO for the city of Winona is awesome and the WAAG team, Winona Animal Advocacy Group, got busy preparing dogs for transport.

PetSmart’s Valentine Adoptathon is a wonderful opportunity for adoptions. We worry that some adoptions are impulsive, but our adoption partner in Colorado, Every Creature Counts, doesn’t fold to impulse adoptions. Our goal was to get 70 dogs to ECC in time for the Adoptathon.

Fewer cats are adopted. Though every cat is tested before being introduced to our cattery, one came in negative for FIV and then became ill and tested positive, along with several other cats.  A mother cat test positive for AIDS, and a cat we’d had for years became ill with FIP.

We decided the cats with us deserve to live their lives. If they become ill, we’ll address their illness, but we do not place for adoption cats who have been exposed to incurable disease, and we do not euthanize cats who are still enjoying their lives. Some spend the rest of their lives with us, some are placed in foster care until we can place them for adoption.

As transport time approached we were faced with seemingly insurmountable hurdles. MSU’s “Fix ‘em” team would not be able to make their appointed surgery day. The mobile clinic generator went out. Rescue friends had steadily aided animals they hoped would make the transport. Half the animals for transport hadn’t had surgeries and the shots and heartworm tests would have to be arranged. Money was now an addition obstacle.

Never fear, Hope Animal Sanctuary is here – along with a team of awesome friends. Debbie Young took our Polly under wing and had her heartworm treatment performed. Our foster guardians and Arlin, our ace ACO in Winona, took dogs for rabies and heartworm tests. Dr. Tim Lloyd of Cleveland, Miss. neutered 10 males for us and gave rabies and heartworm tests.  And Doc came out to help us, saving us the transport of animals to Veterinary Associates.

The day before, I went to Kenner, LA to pick up Velvet, a dog banned from a California county for herding joggers. On the way back I picked up 2 dogs from another group who would join the transport, and got back after midnight.  I took care of our older, younger, and challenged dogs, and hit the sack.

Dr. Tim is fantastic. Surgeries and paperwork were done by 1:00. I headed for Winona, and Arlin unloaded our precious dogs. I headed for supplies from our feed store, came back, unloaded, headed for general supplies and dog food, came back and unloaded, took care of the dogs back at HAS, did laundry, paperwork, and computer work. Simple days here are rare.

Transport day neared. The documentation of the animals was put together by each foster guardian and Debbie and Deedra were inputting the data onto our Petpoint site – right up to departure. Yes, there are always last minute changes. There were several adoptions, a couple of dogs just weren’t ready, other friends heard about the transport, and the most challenging factor was carting that many animals humanely. This transport we had so many large and adult dogs going we had to insist that everyone come to the sanctuary to load. I’d gotten the transport truck Friday and Mike and Lisa came Sunday to insulate it, load the crates, insert bedding, and sticker the crates for identifying occupants Monday morning.

Tune in tomorrow to read the rest of the story!