We Need Your Help Today to Pass the SAFE Act

We Need Your Help Today to Pass the SAFE Act

Forty five years ago, our nation’s legislature signed into public law the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, which states that, “…wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, harassment, and death.” But half a century later, under cover of a presidential election year, horses and burros are being plucked from public lands and trucked into Mexico and Canada for brutal slaughter.

It’s inexcusable. Unconscionable! And unless we press our lawmakers, it will continue.

In this blur of a presidential election year, a tiny committee on Capitol Hill with powerful pro cattle interests has found a back door to the butchering. This committee of just 11 lawmakers is hoping we will turn a blind eye to the hidden suffering of America’s symbol of freedom: wild and domestic horses and burros. This committee is blocking the passage of a proposed bill called the SAFE Act. The SAFE (Safeguard American Food Exports) Act will bar any sale or transport of horses with the intent of consumption both in the U.S. and across-borders. While nearly 200 representatives on Capitol Hill want the SAFE Act passed, these eleven elitist legislators  are stonewalling a fair vote on the bill. You see, with wild horses gone, ranchers who currently pay peanuts for “welfare grazing” that lets “their” cows (who will also die horrific deaths at slaughterhouses) trample and forage on the same taxpayer lands once preserved for wild horses will get even more profit by not sharing the land at all. Wild horses and burros are now in mortal danger on the very lands set aside half a century ago to protect them! It’s an abomination of our democracy.

To save America’s horses and burros from export and certain slaughter, we need your help and your donation of any amount to IDA’s Wild Horse Campaign today.

Your donation holds lawmakers accountable.

You’ll put the cattle ranching industry on notice.

You’ll keep IDA working to save America’s horses and burros from slaughter.

You will make a difference

Please act! Give as generously as you can, now, to keep America’s horses SAFE.

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