Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

1st Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

Enjoy our special self-care tip series for Activist Appreciation Month! Watch for them throughout February:

As Operations Manager for In Defense of Animals Hope Animal Sanctuary, I am exposed to abuse and neglect of animals on a daily basis. The pain and suffering that my colleagues and I are exposed to takes a heavy toll. Abuse and neglect never take a day off, a vacation, or a holiday and so I rarely take time off either. My days are long since animals in need do not keep regular hours. For me, taking pictures of the animals we save so they are able to find loving guardians rejuvenates me and allows me to move forward. The support of friends in rescue is of paramount importance and helps me realize I am not alone in this fight.

Sharon Stone
Operations Manager-Hope Animal Sanctuary
In Defense of Animals

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