A Symbolic Gift for Real World Impact

A Symbolic Gift for Real World Impact

Cyber Monday is here and now is your opportunity to browse our incredible selection of virtual gifts for the animals; all available for purchase now in our online store.

While doing your holiday shopping this season, consider buying a virtual gift for the animals as a way to honor a friend or loved one. What better way to acknowledge someone’s love and dedication to animals than a gift made in their name?

While the gift is symbolic, the impact is real.

When you decide to buy a virtual gift for the animals from our store, your purchase will go towards buying the much needed materials and supplies necessary to keep our sanctuaries running in tip-top shape and to keep the animals in our care happy and healthy!

For many of our resident animals, like our blind horse Shadow, their past histories of abuse have left them scarred and impaired for life; requiring a lifetime of special care. Every rescue is a promise, and with your support,a promise we will keep! By purchasing a virtual gift for the animals, you become more than a donor,you become a caregiver just like us. By purchasing a virtual gift, you are right there with us as we go about the daily chores of feeding and caring for our rescued animals.

Animals like pot-bellied pig Petunia… Besides bathing in the mud and getting some cuddles, Petunia and our other resident pot-bellied pigs enjoy a diet of fresh fruits and veggies. Consider purchasing a virtual basket of fresh produce for our rescued pigs from our online store.

It’s not just our pigs who could use your help. Hope Animal Sanctuary in rural Mississippi is home to a number of resident cats, dogs, and horses as well. Many have been at the sanctuary for their entire lives. Numerous dogs come to us heartworm positive. The costs to treat this disease are incredibly high, but every life is worth it! Purchase a heartworm treatment today and know that you have saved a life, or consider buying a dog bed,bowl of kibble, or other essential gift for the animals in our care. Our sanctuaries provide a great deal of Tender Loving Care for our animals each and every day and a virtual gift for the animals is a great way to help be a part of the experience!

Your gift, combined with those of other donors, will help provide abused and neglected animals a chance at a life. A chance for a new beginning…

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