Fast, Aggressive & Dangerous - When Disaster Strikes IDA answers the call!

Fast, Aggressive & Dangerous - When Disaster Strikes IDA answers the call!

“Extremely fast, extremely aggressive, extremely dangerous,” are the words professional firefighters have used to describe the many wildfires now raging across California. The Mendocino Complex fire, the Carr Fire and more than a dozen others are burning their way through the countryside devouring everything in their path. Years of drought conditions and continued housing development in California have made conditions ripe for rapidly spreading large-scale fires like we have never seen before. Of the five largest wildfires in California history, four have occurred since 2012!

Last year there were over 250 recorded wildfires in Northern California that destroyed 245,000 acres of land, leaving wild animals displaced and forcing some people to become separated from their beloved animal companions. Our dedicated staff embarked on excursions to the fire zone to provide displaced animals with supplies needed to keep them alive. We also gifted grants to wildlife centers which provided safe-havens and immediate medical care for terrified and injured wild animals.

It’s not just the wildfires in the west either. In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, quickly destroying the land and the lives of those who call the area home. Our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi joined forces with other local groups to rescue animals from the flooding caused by the hurricane and transported them to safety. When disasters strike, each second counts! Every dollar counts!

Whether it is a fire or a hurricane, we will be there to answer the call from the animals who desperately need our help. Imagine thousands of animals left outside, some even on chains, struggling to keep their heads above rising water. Imagine those whose heartless guardians evacuated a fire zone and left them behind to fend for themselves. Our Disaster Fund allows us to transform a miserable and frightening day into one full of hope and a second chance for animals whose lives were nearly destroyed by natural disasters.

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