Heartless Family Gives Away Mother Dog Along With Puppies

Heartless Family Gives Away Mother Dog Along With Puppies

Heartless Family Gives Away Mother Dog Along With Puppies

When we received a call from the Animal Control Officer of a nearby town asking for help with seven puppies that were about to be sent to the pound, we couldn't say no!

When In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary staff arrived at the property, we found all seven puppies who were about 6 weeks old running behind their mother. While talking with the guardians of her and her pups about the value of spay and neuter, they abruptly stopped us saying "We don’t want her either."

Their sweet dog, now named Lola, who is so friendly and happy, had no idea she was no longer wanted. No longer a puppy, her cruel guardians had no time for her. She stood there happily wagging her tail while we gathered the puppies and placed them in the safety of our vehicle. When it was her turn to get in the vehicle, she hesitated just a moment, looking back at the people she thought of as family, before she climbed in with her puppies.

As we drove away, she watched them as they coldly turned and went back in the house without so much as a wave goodbye. Our hearts broke for her, and we promised her a better life with less worthless people as guardians. We promised her a life where she would not have to worry about having puppies and losing them, and one where she would have a real family and guardians that truly loved her.

Lola, with her calm and beautiful spirit, seemed to understand and trusted us immediately. This week, Lola met that special family. With this family, Lola will live inside, just like the children. She will never be left outside in the cold and will never be thrown away again.

Lola will be spayed and will join her new family very soon. Her babies will soon be ready for their own families too, and when they are, we will be sure they have guardians that will always love them.

Lola and her babies are lucky. They are safe, but there are many more who need your help. Your donation to In Defense of Animals will help other unwanted dogs and pups know the love that Lola and her babies found.