Leave a Legacy for Vulnerable Animals

Leave a Legacy for Vulnerable Animals

Did you know that May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month? This is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself that as an animal guardian you are responsible for the well-being of your companions, even after you’re gone. Our furry friends depend on us to plan ahead, so make sure to include your animals in your will

In celebration of Responsible Animal Guardian Month and to honor our founder Dr. Elliot Katz’s birthday, we are providing you with a free resource to help take care of the animals who make our lives special: a simple and secure will-writing tool.



With so much uncertainty at the moment, our mission to defend animals, their advocates, and the environment is of vital importance. And while you may be unsure of a way to support In Defense of Animals given this crisis, creating a planned gift is a powerful way to make a lasting impact and legacy with us that won’t cost you anything today. Legacy gifts show your long-term commitment to honor Dr. Elliot Katz and his legacy as a champion of the rights and interests of all animals, and to provide lasting support for In Defense of Animals, the organization he founded.

This resource is a result of our partnership with FreeWill, a social venture that has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. Since 2017, FreeWill has empowered over 220,000 people to write their wills and has raised over $2.2 billion in charitable gifts.

Join us in honoring the Guardian Initiative and celebrating the birthday of our late founder Dr. Elliot Katz. Please pay tribute to his warrior’s heart and his strong determination to act by taking 20 minutes today for the animals to write your will. This isn’t the type of resource you’re used to seeing from us. But estate planning is an important task that ensures we can take care of our loved ones after we’re gone, and allows us to help the animals in the future.


This resource is a completely free and secure online will-writing tool. We’re excited to share this tool with you because a will is such an important document for those you love the most, and FreeWill makes the process simple and accessible for everyone.

Create your estate plan online to:

  • Plan for the future and protect those you love;
  • Complete an important task that is typically hindered by time and resource constraints;
  • Join us as we set the standard for honoring the rights and interests of all animals and the environment we all need to survive.



Many animal advocates have already used FreeWill to create their plans, and leave a lasting legacy with In Defense of Animals.

We’re proud to announce the support of British actor and Downton Abbey star, Peter Egan, who wants you to consider animals in your plans: 



As someone who values animals and wants to protect the environment, I love the idea of including a charitable bequest in my will. This is a great way to ensure that your estate will go on to support animal rescue and advocacy for many years to come! I stand with In Defense of Animals against exploitation and cruelty and hope others will consider helping animals through legacy giving.

— Peter Egan

When creating your will, you can also make a lasting impact to support our programs — now and in the future. This online tool makes the process of writing a will and creating a legacy gift easier than ever: it takes 20 minutes or less and is completely free to use — whether or not you make a legacy gift to In Defense of Animals. Please use it today to protect the people and animals you care most about, to honor Dr. Elliot Katz, and to express your love for animals. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nicole Otoupalik at

With your continued help, we can continue our vital work for vulnerable animals in need of rescue and protection. The success of our many campaigns, sanctuaries, and the lives of countless animals, rely on the support of our generous donors. Thank you for all of your kindness and dedication!

If you are one of our generous supporters who has already included a gift to In Defense of Animals in your estate plans, we cannot thank you enough! Please fill out this quick form so we can update our records and thank you for leaving a legacy of love.