Police Constables in India Caught Eating Dogs & Cats

Police Constables in India Caught Eating Dogs & Cats

Police Constables in India Caught Eating Dogs & Cats

Striving hard to shake the stereotype of being dog eaters in Northeast India won't be easy when people are caught eating them, and especially when they are constables, entrusted with upholding the laws.

Two Nagaland Armed Police (NAP) constables stationed in Delhi, the capital of India, will face disciplinary and legal action for "allegedly" cooking dogs and cats. Delhi State Animal Welfare Board raided the constables' rooms after receiving complaints from another officer. A dead cat in a polythene bag was seized.

According to Abhinav Srihan via phone, a member of the Animal Welfare Board, "It is a criminal offence under IPC Sections 428 and 429 for the 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,' and the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Rules."

"Under the slaughterhouse rules, an animal can be butchered only in a designated slaughterhouse after being inspected and certified by a veterinary officer as healthy. This ensures that people do not consume contaminated meat and stay safe from infections."

It should be mentioned that animals used for consumption cannot be hunted down which then makes it a criminal offense. Many people are against these acts of brutality, so the tendency arises to harass and discriminate against Northeast Indians who are stereotyped as dog/cat meat eaters. Abhinav Srihan also said, "There are many dog lovers, and more so, animals lovers in Delhi from Northeast Indian states and sometimes they are the ones who prompt us on such cases of brutality. However, it is sad to see how due to the misconduct of some people, the whole community has to take the tag of being 'dog eaters', which is definitely not the case as many stray dogs have been adopted and given a new life by people from these regions, which cannot be denied."

Per reports, the two constables are on the verge of being transferred.

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