You Saved Their Lives!

You Saved Their Lives!

We are so honored to have you on this life-saving journey with us! 

2019 has been such a celebratory year for animals, and you have been there every step of the way… 

California had its busiest legislative session ever for animals, and with your support, In Defense of Animals was an instrumental force in passing 8 NEW ANIMAL LAWS! The foxes, horses, elephants, and all the other animals protected by these new laws give you a big round of a-paws! 

In Defense of Animals stood up for animals in 2019.

All year long, you were a bright ray of sunshine for animals on the cloudiest of days…

Earlier this year, a tornado whirled violently through our beloved Hope Animal Sanctuary, leaving destroyed structures in its path. Our team feared for the safety of the animals that night as the tornado caused rapid destruction, but fortunately, no one was hurt! With your dedication and generosity, we provided instant financial support to the Sanctuary to repair damage and resume our vital, life-saving animal rescue and rehabilitation services. Thank you! 

And, that’s not all! 

YOU exposed the cruelties inflicted on animals in the entertainment and vivisection industries by helping us: 

- Put up a giant billboard in the San Francisco Bay Area alerting locals to the horrors baby cows endure in rodeos happening in their backyard...

- Publicly shame Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia for over 100 animal welfare violations...

- Quash a lab-gag bill that would have hidden the torture and abuse of millions of animals in experiments! 

When Big Island Dairy in Hawaii closed down, we rescued 10 mother cows and 15 of their babies from slaughter in the nick of time. These loving mothers now get to enjoy a life full of love and care as a family with their baby calves—all thanks to your compassion!

Your investment in our campaigns has provided us with the necessary power to make great changes for animals everywhere.

Please watch our heartwarming 2019 victory video that we made just for you to experience many of the wonderful, groundbreaking victories you made possible this year!

With you by our side, anything is possible.

Your support is the greatest gift of all for the animals. 

Together we made 2019 a monumental year for animals. With your continued support, 2020 will be even better.

Please help us win more victories by making a donationThank you!  

Give a Gift to the Animals!