Punish Football Player Who Violently Beat Dog on Snapchat

Punish Football Player Who Violently Beat Dog on Snapchat


Another “role model” has shocked the nation with his brutality and failed an upcoming generation in Waco, Texas. A disturbing video recently surfaced on social media showing a Baylor University football player repeatedly whipping his dog with a belt, kicking and stomping on him. His superiors have failed to meet his abhorrent behavior with the seriousness it justly mandates. Now we need your help to get justice for this poor dog.

In the video he wishes he hadn’t shared, Ishmael Zamora can be seen in a rage over his dog having an accident in the house. 220 pound Zamora takes his wrath out, slamming the dog with a thick belt. Not satisfied after brutally striking his dog repeatedly, he stops beating the dog to stomp and kick the cringing companion.

Ishmael’s dog at no point tried to fight for his life. This is a dog who is familiar with scorn and fear, but too dear to lash out with a mouthful of teeth that might have cost his life.

A former Baylor student received the video of Ishmael’s sickening attack via Snapchat. Do we buy his alibi that he was disciplining his dog and just got angry? ?Fortunately, the former student did the right thing and immediately took the video to authorities.

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