253 Animals Pulled from Tragic Truck Wreck

253 Animals Pulled from Tragic Truck Wreck

 Broken pieces of a crashed transport truck, dozens of injured hens, rescue workers wading knee-deep in mud frantically searching for survivors; all of it against a backdrop of pouring Mississippi rain. Please watch and share this remarkable story of our Mississippi team and their quick response to an overturned semi-truck transporting hundreds of live hens, cats, and a dog. A donation today will ensure that our team will be on-hand when animals need them most.

Video recorded by In Defense of Animals rescuers show the dramatic scene. Thousands of discarded hens lay dying in the pouring rain, along this lonely Mississippi highway in September.

A truck carrying one dog, five cats, and thousands of egg-laying hens destined to be made into “makeup and chicken feed” overturned in bad weather on Interstate 55 in Grenada, Mississippi.

Rescue staff from our nearby Hope Animal Sanctuary immediately rushed to the scene. The devastating crash claimed the lives of countless hens, but we saved 250 lives that day, including hundreds of hens and two cats. In the pouring rain and deep mud, we pulled animal after animal from the wreck.

Then the hard work truly began as we found homes, food, shelter, and veterinary care for these sweet, curious hens who have known nothing but abuse and misery their entire short lives.

When the truck driver got out of the hospital, we reunited her with two of her cats and her dog, Brittany, who we tracked down and recovered after she fled the scene.

This dangerous and urgent rescue was made possible by you, our generous donors. Your continued support helps us respond to emergencies and turn tragedy into triumph.

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