Nine Sick Puppies Recover from Rickets!

Nine Sick Puppies Recover from Rickets!

Animals in all types of conditions arrive at our Hope Animal Sanctuary, whether suffering from severe injuries to enduring relatively common illnesses. We recently accepted a litter of nine beagle puppies who were in dire need of care upon arrival. The tiny puppies were extremely malnourished and emaciated, and within a couple of days, they began to show symptoms of rickets. Our experienced staff knew just what to do to help the pups recover!

Neglected and abandoned puppies are often diagnosed with rickets. Similar to humans, this condition is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous, which are all needed to build strong, healthy bones. In puppies, rickets leads to soft, weak bones that bend and cause pain and limping. If left untreated, the spines and lower backs can be affected, and the bowing of the legs will eventually become so severe they won’t be able to walk.

The puppies started on natural foods containing high ratios of the necessary vitamins and minerals to help strengthen their fragile bones. They are also given time outside in the sunshine so their bodies can produce vitamin D. A colorful new padded floor was laid in their house to make sure they could walk around in comfort with minimal pressure on their limbs. In a few days, these puppies will be feeling much better, and their little legs will be straight again. 

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