5 Tiny Kittens Abandoned in Scorching Heat on Little-Used Road!

5 Tiny Kittens Abandoned in Scorching Heat on Little-Used Road!

It’s tragic that so many cats and kittens find themselves needing help and homes, but we do everything we can to provide a haven for them in the Deep South. Now we’re cheering on a litter of five tiny kittens who were cruelly abandoned in the middle of nowhere; they’ve come a long way since we took them in and will soon be ready for forever homes of their own!

These kittens came to Hope Animal Sanctuary when they were only about 4-weeks-old.  They had been heartlessly  abandoned in the scorching heat on a little-used gravel road and were all alone when they were found. Thankfully, the person who saw them called us to see if we could help.

When we took them in, they were very thin and needed a lot of loving care. Kittens this age need a lot of attention; they need to be kept warm, and bottle-fed every few hours until they’re old enough to start eating regular cat food.

Our team spent many hours making sure these little kittens had everything they needed to thrive, and we’re thrilled with their progress. They have gained weight and are all healthy and happy. In a couple of weeks these precious kittens, along with 10 others, will be headed to loving forever homes of their own in the Northeast, thanks to our rescue partner Animal Rescue Front.

While these kittens are about to start new lives, there are so many homeless animals who need our help. Please allow us to help more animals by making a donation today, so we can continue to ensure as many as we can get the lives they deserve.

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