Kind Man Saves Tiny Dog’s Life After She Was Abandoned in the Brutal Heat of Summer

Kind Man Saves Tiny Dog’s Life After She Was Abandoned in the Brutal Heat of Summer

The heat index was hovering around 105 degrees in Mississippi when an elderly man was surprised to find a tiny black dog in his yard.  She was in terrible condition and made herself as small as she could as he approached her. Soon, however, she would find out that she had made her way to just the right person for help.

This little dog was frozen in fear when she was discovered, so this kind man had no trouble picking her up. His house was just a few miles from a veterinarian’s clinic, so he decided to take her there where he thought they might know her.  Sadly, they didn’t know who she was. Her hair was matted to her skin and she was very thin. The kind man asked the veterinarian if they would take this poor little dog into their facility. The veterinarian said yes, they would help, and soon began clipping the painful mats from her skin.

A couple of hours later, the elderly gentleman returned.  Just down from his house on the side of the road he had found a small dog bed, small dog food bowl, and a partial bag of dog food. Evidently, someone had cruelly left this little dog alone on the side of a road to fend for herself. 

When they were unable to locate a guardian, we were asked if we could take this little dog, who they named Reid. We agreed and picked her up later that day to bring her to Hope Animal Sanctuary. Reid weighed only 6 pounds and was so frightened and confused. Once comfortable in our sanctuary manager’s arms, she fell asleep, no doubt exhausted from her ordeal.

Reid enjoys the company of Sharon Stone's grandson, Kacen.

Reid has since been spayed and soon she will be ready for a forever home. We will be sure that Reid will have a home where she will be cherished, and where she will never be dumped again.

While we’re happy we were able to help Reid get started on the road to her new life, what happened to her is sadly a scenario that is played out many times in the Deep South. Reid was lucky that someone cared enough to find her help, and we’re grateful we could step in and take her. Please help us save more precious lives like Reid’s by making a donation.

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