Abandoned Puppies Get a Second Chance at Happiness!

Abandoned Puppies Get a Second Chance at Happiness!

Hope Animal Sanctuary takes in many animals who are in need of safe, loving homes. Our wonderful fosters provide the animals with shelter and care as we search for the perfect placements.

Our foster mom Carol received a call from a kind person who found two abandoned puppies wandering in a rural area. The two tiny puppies were under 5 pounds and struggled to stay alive by scrounging for food on the side of the road. We agreed to take the puppies and Carol is now fostering Sabine and Sandrine!

The adorable duo began to gain weight immediately and thanks to the love and attention provided by their foster mom, they are now healthy and happy pups!  In a few weeks, they will both be head to homes of their very own.

Your donations to In Defense of Animals will allow us to save more abandoned puppies like Sabine and Sandrine! Please continue to support our life-saving work!

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