Determined Puppy Born at the City Pound Fights to Survive!

Determined Puppy Born at the City Pound Fights to Survive!

Animals in all conditions can end up at the city pound, including expecting mothers! A female hound who had been picked up a couple of weeks prior gave birth to 12 puppies, much to the surprise of the Animal Control Officer who had brought her in.

Sadly, 11 of her puppies did not survive, but the one remaining puppy fought for her life despite signs of distress. The ACO called Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of our Hope Animal Sanctuary and requested assistance.

An hour later, Sharon was at our veterinarian’s office with the tiny puppy. She was dehydrated, refused to eat, and her gums were extremely pale. After testing negative for parvovirus, a fecal test revealed the newborn pup was riddled with hookworms. When left untreated, hookworms can cause anemia and even death.

For three days, Keilly refused to consume any food.  When the worming medication finally began to take effect, her appetite improved and she started to eat, prompting our staff to celebrate the greatly anticipated turning point in Keilly’s recovery. Today, she is a healthy and playful pup who will be leaving us soon for a home of her own. We will be sad to say goodbye to the only survivor of the litter, but we are thrilled we were able to give her a start at a long, happy life!

Keilly was saved because you cared enough to donate to In Defense of Animals.  Please continue to support our work so we can help other sick puppies in need!

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