An Urgent Call to Save a Puppy Trapped on a Bridge!

An Urgent Call to Save a Puppy Trapped on a Bridge!

Upon receiving an urgent call reporting a small puppy trapped between the guardrail and the bridge on Interstate 55, our Hope Animal Sanctuary staff sprang into action and rushed to the scene. 

Our staff spotted the terrified puppy who, in an attempt to avoid the cars speeding by, became trapped between the guardrail and the concrete bridge as she huddled against the side for safety. This rescue required extreme care and perfect timing, one wrong move and the puppy might dart into traffic resulting in heartbreaking tragedy. This dangerous rescue was made even more hazardous for the puppy and our staff due to the steady stream of speeding vehicles on Interstate 55. 

Our animal caregiver, Candi Daves, approached the frightened pup while the other employees monitored traffic and stood ready to capture the pup if she decided to run. To avoid startling the already overwhelmed puppy, Candi crossed the busy interstate as slowly as possible. The puppy, afraid of being hurt, screamed in terror as Candi reached for her. Speaking softly, Candi was finally able to grab the puppy and hold her close as she carried her back to the safety of our rescue van. 

Our staff named this puppy Bridget and rushed her back to the Sanctuary for evaluation. Our seasoned team was shocked to see Bridget’s emaciated state and also noted one of her rear legs had been broken in the past. Her leg healed improperly and is now crooked, due to the lack of proper veterinary care. 

Bridget will remain with us at Hope Animal Sanctuary until she is healthy and gains weight, and our veterinarian will x-ray Bridget’s leg and perform surgery to repair the damage, if possible. When she is ready, we will find just the right home for this sweet little girl. 

The number of animals who are suffering and in need is so high in the Deep South. Without your donations, the rescue of Bridget and many others would not be possible.  Please continue to donate to In Defense of Animals to help us continue our life-saving work!

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