Dog Confined Outdoors in a Wire Crate finds Forever Home!

Dog Confined Outdoors in a Wire Crate finds Forever Home!

Bullet was taken in when he was a puppy. From that day forward, he spent most of his life outside in a wire crate with no protection from the elements.

A neighbor begged the callous family to let her take Bullet in order to find him a loving home. The answer was always the same, “No, we want him.”  Even though these awful people only fed and gave him water sporadically, even though he had no shelter from bad weather, and even though they rarely let him out of the wire crate, they still said, “No!”

Despite efforts to help by reporting the situation, calls to the local animal control agency fell on deaf ears. The neighbor fed and watered Bullet and even managed to get him out of his crate a few times. Months passed while he was left outside but the neighbor never stopped trying to save him. When Bullet was about 10 months old, she finally convinced his captors to let her take him. After all, he was almost grown now and no longer the cute puppy he was when they got him.

The day Bullet was released was his lucky day! Phoebe, a long-time friend and supporter of Hope Animal Sanctuary, and the kindly neighbor who never gave up on Bullet, were finally able to take this beautiful boy! Her first call was to our sanctuary.  She knew he would be safe with us.

At only 10 months old, Bullet was heartworm positive and required expensive treatment to rid him of the deadly parasites. Today, Bullet is a happy and healthy boy who is ready for his forever home!  In a few weeks, he will be leaving us to live in a home with guardians who will treasure him as a much-loved family member.

Approximately 95% of the adult dogs who arrive at Hope Animal Sanctuary are heartworm positive and require expensive treatments to survive. Your donations allow 100% of those dogs to receive the life-saving treatment they so desperately need.

Please continue to donate to In Defense of Animals so we can save more dogs just like Bullet!

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