Dog Found Outside Dollar General Receives Crucial Treatment!

Dog Found Outside Dollar General Receives Crucial Treatment!

A post on social media alerted Sharon Stone, Operations Manager for our Hope Animal Sanctuary, to a dog found outside of a Dollar General store who was in desperate need of medical care. Sharon left her contact information with store employees, and the guardian called about her dog Carlos soon after.

Sharon made arrangements with the guardian, who lived behind the store, and took Carlos to our veterinarian. Dr. Hill examined Carlos and diagnosed him with Demodectic mange, also known as Demodicosis, with a secondary skin infection.  Canine Demodicosis is caused by mites that live deep in the hair follicle and can cause hair loss, lesions and infections on the skin, and loss of energy and appetite.

Carlos was left at the veterinary clinic to begin his much-needed treatment.  We are thrilled that his condition has significantly improved; however, his treatment will need to continue for a month or longer.  We are optimistic Carlos will make a full recovery and live a wonderful life!

We are able to help dogs like Carlos because of your support.  Please, donate to In Defense of Animals so we can continue to help animals in need!

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