Tiny Kitten Enjoys New Life After Grisly Leg Injury

Tiny Kitten Enjoys New Life After Grisly Leg Injury

A tiny, injured kitten was rushed to our Hope Animal Sanctuary by two young men who found her on the side of the road. It was clear the kitten needed urgent care, and our team knew just what to do!

Dr. Daniel Hill, our veterinarian, immediately examined the adorable black and white kitten and discovered that her leg was severely damaged. A car motor most likely caused her gruesome injury after she attempted to seek refuge under the hood of a vehicle to stay warm.

Sadly, her injuries were too severe, and her leg required amputation. Dr. Hill performed the surgery the same day. Within just a few days, the resilient kitten, now named Samantha, was on the mend and ready to leave the hospital!

While visiting the Sanctuary, our rescue partner, Chris McLaughlin, fell in love with little Samantha and knew the perfect home for her! The very next day, Samantha was in the loving arms of her new guardian and now shares her home with another 3-legged kitty! Samantha is now a happy, healthy kitten who loves to play with toys!

Samantha is living the good life thanks to your support!  Please continue to donate to In Defense of Animals to help create happy endings for others just like Samantha!

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