Dog Meat Survivors Thrive at Hope Animal Sanctuary

Dog Meat Survivors Thrive at Hope Animal Sanctuary

The goal of our Hope Animal Sanctuary is to find just the right home for every animal who comes into our care.  Whether they are injured or ill, we provide the necessary medical care. If they are shy, we provide the love and attention needed to teach them that some humans are friends who can be trusted. 

Unfortunately, some animals are so traumatized by abuse or neglect that they cannot overcome their fear of humans. For these animals, Hope Animal Sanctuary provides permanent homes where they are able to enjoy their new lives. These residents have their own tiny homes which are heated and cooled throughout the year. Every home has a doggie door to allow outside access to its individual fenced in backyard. The homes also feature concrete covered patios where the dogs can observe their surroundings and take naps in the sunshine. 

Rudy and Happy, two of our permanent residents who have been with us for two years, were saved from a Korean meat market where they were slated to be slaughtered for food in 2016. Everything was different for this duo when they arrived at the Sanctuary… the people, the language, the weather, the smells, all of which these dogs learned to embrace! 

Rudy is approximately 7-8 years old. When he arrived, he was heartworm positive and very thin. After receiving treatment at the Sanctuary, he made a full recovery from the disease. He has slowly learned to trust his caregivers and enjoys being brushed and rubbed. Although he is still shy, he has come a long way since his arrival! 

Happy, now about 2 ½ to 3 years old, was terrified of everything.  She is still very fearful and often clings to Rudy for comfort and would prefer not to be handled by humans. Until about 3 months ago, Happy would hide whenever she saw a human.  Now, she will approach her caregivers, and cautiously keeps about 50 feet away.  Although this does not seem like much, it is a vast improvement for this girl. Hopefully, Happy will learn from Rudy that she is safe and surrounded by trustworthy people who love her! 

Rudy and Happy will stay with us at Hope Animal Sanctuary since the stress of moving them to a home would most likely cause a severe setback in the small improvements they have made. 

Our permanent residents get extra love and attention from the staff and are treated like family.  They are happy, cared for, and loved. For these dogs, Hope Animal Sanctuary is just the right home and we are thrilled to give them the life they deserve. 

Please continue to donate to In Defense of Animals and help us help these precious souls!

Pictured are Rudy and Happy in their large backyard.

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