Help Arrives for Injured Little Dog, Just in the Nick of Time

Help Arrives for Injured Little Dog, Just in the Nick of Time

After getting a call to our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi from a concerned citizen, Sharon Stone quickly requested assistance from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. The caller had alerted us to a small dog with an injured leg, who had possibly been hit by a car. At Sharon’s request, a deputy was dispatched to do a welfare check on the dog.  

When the deputy arrived, he saw a small white dog, with terribly matted fur,  whose back leg was “dangling.”  After having a  conversation with the negligent guardian, they agreed to allow the deputy to take the dog.  Sharon, our sanctuary’s operations manager, advised him to bring the dog to our veterinarian, who immediately shaved his leg to assess the damage. When the mats were removed, a fishing line was found wound tightly around this poor dog’s leg and foot. 

Robbie almost lost his leg after it became dangerously entangled in a fishing line, but our vet was able to save him.

Under anesthesia, our veterinarian removed the fishing line and began treating the infection it caused. Thankfully, after six days in the hospital on medication, the dog, now named Robbie, was ready to leave.

Even under normal circumstances, saving dogs like Robbie takes a lot of time and resources, but because of COVID-19 — and the stay-at-home orders in place in Mississippi and other states —our rescue transports have been largely suspended. Not being able to transport as many dogs as we usually do to new guardians has made helping animals in need much more difficult. Yet, even though our sanctuary is full, we cannot, and will not, turn away an injured animal who needs our help.  

In order to keep saving animals like little Robbie, we need your support now more than ever.  Please help us ensure more animals like him can get the care they need by making a donation.

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