VIDEO: Remembering Baby Farley

VIDEO: Remembering Baby Farley

Farley came to us at our Hope Animal Sanctuary when he was only 3 days old and weighed just 2 ounces after his mother became ill and couldn't feed him and his puppy siblings any longer. Farley struggled to survive from the beginning, but he was a fighter, and we were determined to fight with him!


Many times Farley had to be fed every 20 minutes for hours until his blood sugar would stabilize and he would rally again.

Sadly, Farley was diagnosed with a liver shunt, which keeps the liver from filtering toxins properly or at all, and he was too small to survive the surgery that might have saved him. At his largest, he weighed only 5 ounces.

Ultimately his little body was overcome, and with broken hearts we realized that Farley was not going to survive. After a four week fight, he left us knowing that he was very loved. We’re devastated by this loss, but so grateful for your generous support, which allowed us to spend precious time with Farley, and save many of his canine siblings.

Please consider making a donation in Farley’s memory to help other dogs just like him find homes.

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