Hope Animal Sanctuary Dog is Best Man for His Best Friend

Hope Animal Sanctuary Dog is Best Man for His Best Friend

Thanks to Hope Animal Sanctuary, a rescued dog named Rex became In Defense of Animals’ board member Sammy Zablen’s best friend and best man at his wedding! Rex even wore a tuxedo at the wedding to honor his role in the ceremony. Sammy first adopted Rex when he visited our sanctuary in 2016. Now the Zablen family is truly living happily ever after! 

This match was meant to be! When Sammy called Hope Animal Sanctuary in search of an Australian shepherd, none were in our care. But the very next day, someone called us to help find a new home for one. General Manager Sharon Stone had a hunch that Rex was the dog for Sammy and she was right!

Love at first sight. Photos: Next Exit Photography

“It was love at first sight. Sammy fell in love with Rex and Rex fell in love with Sammy,” Sharon recalled. “Rex could not have gotten a better home and Sammy couldn’t have gotten a better dog. It was a perfect adoption.”

At that moment, Rex’s dog dreams came true! He joined Sammy at work, on daily beach walks, during morning yoga, and on camping trips. 

Before the wedding. Photos: Sammy Zablen

When Sammy proposed to Dr. Alexandra Dubinskaya, there was no doubt in his mind that Rex would be the best man at their wedding. Sammy and Alexandra wouldn’t have it any other way. At the wedding, Rex was calm, cool, and collected looking quite dapper in his doggie tuxedo! 

“If you want a support system and someone to always have your back, hang out with your dog,” said Sammy. “When a dog from Mississippi hangs out on the beach in California, anything is possible!”

In Defense of Animals President Marilyn Kroplick with Rex. Photo: Richard D. Kaye

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