Hope Animal Sanctuary Responds to COVID-19

Hope Animal Sanctuary Responds to COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus has had a major impact on communities around the world, including ours. Despite the challenges, animal caregivers have been busy caring for the dogs and cats (including puppies and kittens) as well as pigs and horses who need us more than ever at Hope Animal Sanctuary. Even in the midst of this pandemic, animals must still be cared for every day.

While there is no evidence to suggest that this virus can be transmitted between us and our animal companions, we have closed Hope Animal Sanctuary to visitors as a precautionary measure to protect our guests and our staff from possible exposure. In the meantime, we’re taking necessary precautions, including using gloves and masks, to protect the animals in our care and each other.  Please remember, during these difficult times that many people may not be able to work or afford to care for their animal companions, which means more animals will likely be surrendered to rescues or shelters.  

We will be monitoring the situation as it unfolds, and will continue to provide for the animals in our care and give them tons of love every day — just as we always have.

Please consider fostering or adopting to help those in need, and continuing to keep us prepared for whatever comes next by making a donation.

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