Networking Helps Blind Dog in Need Find Happiness

Networking Helps Blind Dog in Need Find Happiness

Our Hope Animal Sanctuary doesn’t just rescue animals, we also provide assistance to shelters in the area. When one of these shelters contacted Sharon Stone, Operations Manager for Hope Animal Sanctuary about a blind dog in need, she sprang into action.

Jasmine was a normal, healthy 2-year-old Australian Shepherd mix until a few months ago, but unfortunately, after being treated for heartworm, she lost her sight. Several different veterinarians have examined Jasmine and say there is no visible damage to her eyes, so her blindness remains a mystery.

Sharon contacted one of our rescue partners in the northeast explaining Jasmine’s situation, and having had experiences with blind dogs, our partner was more than happy to take Jasmine.

Soon she will be leaving and headed north, where she will be given special training that will help her learn to navigate the world around her and ensure she has the best quality of life she can.

Animal companions who have special needs can live happy and healthy lives as part of a family, and we want to help every single one we can to get the best chance to find happiness.

Your donations to In Defense of Animals will ensure other dogs, like Jasmine, have a chance to live with families who understand their special needs.

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