Hurricane Harvey Has Struck & Animals Urgently Need Our Help!

Hurricane Harvey Has Struck & Animals Urgently Need Our Help!

Imagine thousands of animals left outside, some on chains, struggling to keep their heads above the rising water. Picture those whose negligent guardians evacuated, yet left them behind to fend for themselves, while still others make their home on the now flooded streets and have nowhere to go for safety. Their stories are all different and yet the same. They are in trouble and need our help.

On August 25, at approximately 11:25 pm, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a category 4 storm, packing 130 mile per hour winds. This strong storm not only caused devastation with hurricane force winds, but also brought with it extreme flooding. Rainfall for this historic storm is being measured in feet, and not inches. The flooding is not confined to Texas either, but is happening in low-lying neighboring Louisiana as well.

By the next morning, In Defense of Animals Hope Animal Sanctuary in Duckhill, Mississippi, Animal Rescue Front of Groton, Massachusetts and The Humane Society of Louisiana had all answered the call for help by joining forces to move dogs and cats in Louisiana shelters that have begun to flood or are in imminent danger of flooding to safety in North Carolina. The need to free up space for those that are suffering in the flooding is urgent.

Just yesterday, animal rescue workers from Hope Animal Sanctuary loaded 16 adult dogs, two adult cats, and two kittens into the Animal Rescue Front van and headed to Ashville, North Carolina. The animals will be handed off to our partner organization Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, where that organization's drivers will complete the trip by transporting these lucky animals to the North East.

We are in the very early stages of this disaster which may prove to be one of the worst of its kind in the history of our country. Untold thousands of people and animals have been displaced and are in need of immediate rescue. The actual numbers of animals abandoned when their families evacuated or that will be left behind when families are forced to leave their homes will likely number in the millions. Records from 2016 show the population of just Houston, Texas alone was 2.35 million people. It’s mind boggling to imagine the number of animals that are being abandoned minute by minute as the situation deteriorates and the storm gets worse and worse.

This is only the first of many transports, with several more to come in the days ahead. In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary will be accepting both cats and dogs from flooded areas. We need your help but more importantly the animals need your help. We cannot do this without your support. Please, donate and be a part of saving these animals from one of the worst natural disasters our country has seen.


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