Hurricane Harvey - Second rescue transport of cats and dogs from disaster area

Hurricane Harvey - Second rescue transport of cats and dogs from disaster area

On Tuesday, September 5, our Hope Animal Sanctuary employees Candi Daves and Jeannie Grammer once again loaded animals onto the Animal Rescue Front transport bus and drove them to safety.  With two of our four caregivers absent on a mission of mercy, Shay Houston and Felicia Dunn stayed behind at the sanctuary and worked doubly hard to make sure all things at the Sanctuary were done as well as they are every normal day.

Through partnering with Big Sky Rescue, which is working hard to rescue cats and dogs from storm ravaged areas in Texas and Southwest Louisiana, and Animal Rescue Front of Massachusetts, our sanctuary employees loaded 61 animals and drove them to their new lives.  On the bus were 49 felines, four dogs and six tiny puppies.

Most of these animals were already in shelters and simply needed to be moved to make room for those animals that are being saved in the disaster areas.  Without this work, many animals currently in shelters in those areas would most likely have been killed, since almost every shelter operates at maximum capacity. 

Saving animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey is not over, and in reality is truly just beginning.  Meanwhile, we are watching Irma making her way toward Florida and we know that many more animals will be in need in the aftermath of yet another large hurricane. 

Pictured (left to right) are: Candi Daves and Jeannie Grammer , Animal Caregivers at In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary.

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