Life after Betrayal: Elderly Dog Gets Second Chance at Happiness

Life after Betrayal: Elderly Dog Gets Second Chance at Happiness

As animal advocates, we hope all animals receive love and comfort throughout their lives from the guardians who make the commitment to care for them. Sadly, this is not the case for all dogs, especially as their needs change as they enter their elderly years.

Our supporter, Phoebe Philley, is a fierce protector of all animals, whether large or small.  When she called Sharon Stone, our Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager, she was desperately seeking help for a small dog named DeeDee.

DeeDee, an adorable little dog with shaggy white fur and big brown eyes, belonged to a family in Phoebe’s neighborhood. She was 12 years old, weighed about 4 pounds, and had sustained a leg injury a year before that was so severe it rendered her appendage useless.

After over a decade of giving all the love she had, DeeDee’s heartless “family” suddenly decided she had to leave that very day. Happily, and without hesitation, Sharon agreed to take her in.

Veterinarians examined DeeDee upon her arrival at the Sanctuary, and discovered she was in congestive heart failure which required medication to reduce the problematic fluid accumulating around her heart. 

 DeeDee will continue to take the prescribed medication for three to four weeks before her condition is re-evaluated. We hope she will have improved enough that her leg, which is damaged beyond repair below her knee and is hampering her movements, will be amputated.  She is also in need of dental work since her teeth are in very poor condition.

Carolyn Blakemore has fostered numerous elderly dogs for us over the past six years. It takes a special person to agree to care for dogs who are in the final chapters of their lives, since each one takes a piece of their caretaker’s heart and soul with them when they pass on.  Thankfully for DeeDee, Carolyn and her family never turn away from seniors in need.

Precious little DeeDee is currently with Carolyn enjoying all of the love and attention she is lavishing on her. DeeDee will never again experience the pain of being abandoned by the people she loves unconditionally and can live out the rest of her life as the happy dog she was meant to be. 

There are other elderly dogs just like DeeDee who need help and sanctuary.  Your donation can ensure elderly dogs in need have the best life possible.

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