An Act of Evil: Two Puppies Abandoned in a Severe Storm

An Act of Evil: Two Puppies Abandoned in a Severe Storm

Our Hope Animal Sanctuary staff cares for many animals who have been neglected and abandoned by the very people responsible for their well-being and survival. It takes a special kind of evil person to dump two tiny puppies, leaving them out in a severe storm to fend for their lives. 

On the morning of August 30, our Sanctuary caregivers mysteriously found a tiny puppy inside of the Sanctuary. Several hours later, the staff noticed movement of some sort across the road and found yet another puppy who had been discarded and abandoned.

The two terrified puppies were wet and cold after suffering through the previous night’s thunderstorm with very heavy rains. Our staff warmed up the adorable duo and gave them some much-needed food and comfort.

There is no doubt these two little girls had a rough start in life. Tragically, the first puppy found inside of the Sanctuary contracted pneumonia, an illness that her small, fragile body could not fight off. She passed away a week after we found her. It is heartbreaking to know her life was lost due to the cruel acts of others, yet there is some comfort in knowing her final days were filled with the love she deserved all along.

Ginger, the second puppy found, is doing very well. As with all of the animals we take in, Ginger will be given the necessary care, vaccinations, and medical attention she needs and all of the love she could dream of! When she is ready to leave the Sanctuary, she will be placed with guardians who will treasure her and treat her as a family member.

Although we see all kinds of abuse and neglect at our Sanctuary, we still struggle to understand how people could be so cruel and heartless as to abandon helpless puppies in a storm.

Without your help, we would not be able to help abandoned animals who need desperately need us.  Please donate today to ensure they receive the love and care they deserve!

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