Little Dog Thrown Out in the Cold Will Never Be Alone Again

Little Dog Thrown Out in the Cold Will Never Be Alone Again

When our staff at Hope Animal Sanctuary became aware of a small dog who was living outside in the cold, we immediately began working to rescue him.

Ace, a two-year-old Maltipoo lived happily inside until his elderly guardian cruelly decided that he no longer wanted him living in his house. Callously left behind by his irresponsible granddaughter, Ace was suddenly left to fend for himself outside.

We offered to take Ace to the Sanctuary, get him sterilized and find him a loving home, but the elderly man was reluctant since his granddaughter would not give her permission.

A month later, we received a message that they were finally ready for us to take Ace. We made arrangements for Ace to be taken to our veterinarian, Dr. Hill. When we arrived there, we discovered that Ace had been attacked by the neighbor’s dog. He had a severe abscess in his neck from the bite, and he was thin, weighing only nine pounds. Now, the sudden interest in our offer began to make sense.

Dr. Hill and his staff treated the abscess and sent Ace home with Sharon Stone, our Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager. After two weeks of antibiotics, Ace was ready to be neutered.

Today Ace is living in a home where he is a much-loved family member. He will never know another cold night spent outside and alone.

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