WATCH: Blind Puppy Who Stole Our Hearts is Now Living His Best Life

WATCH: Blind Puppy Who Stole Our Hearts is Now Living His Best Life

After a family that failed to have their female dog spayed reached out to our Hope Animal Sanctuary for help when she had puppies, we knew we couldn’t say no — and we’re so glad we didn’t. One of those puppies turned out to be extra special. Watch him get started on his journey to his forever home!

When the family delivered the puppies to the sanctuary, we immediately noticed that one puppy was blind, so we separated him from his siblings for his safety and named him Ray Ray.

Being born blind, Ray Ray had no idea he was different and was a super happy puppy. He was a lovable and spunky pup and quickly stole our hearts. 


One of our animal care givers, Miranda Gazaway, took Ray Ray home with her every night and brought him to work with her every day.  With her, he learned so many things. He knew very quickly to go to a puppy pad when he needed to relieve himself, and he discovered that playing in snow and ice was fun! He also found out that sleeping in a warm bed with a human was wonderful and we’re so proud of how bold and independent he grew in our care.

A few weeks ago, Ray Ray traveled north to our rescue partner in Maine specializing in dogs with special needs. The kind people there quickly found him the perfect home, and today, Ray Ray lives with a family that understands that he truly is special.

Your generous donations allowed Ray Ray to have the life he deserves; we’re so grateful for your support, and we’re sure he is too!  Please help us continue our mission by encouraging others to spay and neuter their animal companions, and help us save more animals like Ray Ray by making a donation.

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