Saving a Tiny Puppy Left on the Side of the Road

Saving a Tiny Puppy Left on the Side of the Road

When a woman spotted a tiny puppy on the side of the road, she immediately stopped to pick up the pup and began making calls for help! Animal Control was unable to take the puppy and advised to the kind woman to board her at a veterinarian’s office. The woman quickly drove to the Winona Veterinary Clinic and paid for the boarding herself.

The office manager of the Clinic contacted Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of our Hope Animal Sanctuary and told her the story of this tiny puppy who was left to face the world alone and fortunately picked up by a compassionate passerby. Without hesitation, Sharon agreed to take the pup whom she named April. 

Dr. Hill estimated April, who weighed only 3 pounds, was about four weeks old. Since April needed extra attention to get well, Sharon took the tiny girl to her home where she would have 24-hour care. The first five days were touch and go, but with Dr. Hill’s guidance, April finally turned the corner and is now a healthy and happy pup! 

April is a sweet girl who loves to be with people and other dogs, too!  She will soon be ready for a forever home of her very own, but until then, our Sanctuary staff will shower her with love and care.

Since you cared enough to donate to In Defense of Animals, we were able to save little April.  Please continue to support our work so we can save other precious animals.

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