Sixteen Puppies Saved from Extreme Heat!

Sixteen Puppies Saved from Extreme Heat!

Puppy season is in full swing! The number of unwanted or abandoned puppies arriving at our Hope Animal Sanctuary is at its highest, and every tiny house is occupied!  

A few weeks ago, a man arrived at the Sanctuary asking us to take in some puppies. We explained that we did not have space and asked if he could hold them for a week. He insisted that wasn’t an option.

When our animal caregivers looked into the bed of the man’s truck, they were shocked to see 16 small puppies crammed into two crates. The heat index was hovering just above 100 degrees, and the puppies were panting as the blazing sun baked down on their little bodies.

The tiny puppies needed to be moved immediately to a cooler location or they likely wouldn’t survive the intense heat. We decided to take them in and began to plan how we could house them since we were already operating at maximum capacity.

Our experienced animal caregivers made arrangements and put these puppies in a safe, cool place. We offered the to spay the female or females who had given birth to the litter, but the “guardian” negligently refused our offer. 

We will care for these pups and place them in loving forever homes.

Thankfully, these puppies are safe, but there are so many more who are not. Please, donate so we can save more puppies in need.

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