A Mississippi Tornado Left Our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Ruins!

A Mississippi Tornado Left Our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Ruins!

Recent storms have ripped across the southern US, tearing through rural areas bringing hurricane-force winds, flooding, sustained rains, and unprecedented storm damage. No place was safe, not even our beloved Hope Animal Sanctuary.

It arrived in the dead of night with howling winds and buffeting rain. As the swirling tempest raged around them, our dedicated Hope Animal Sanctuary staff raced from tiny house to tiny house ensuring that all the dogs and cats inside were safe and sound. No matter how severe the storm outside, we had to be sure that each and every life was safe.

Trembling with fear, animals who had escaped dire abuse were now in immediate danger from flying debris. Fence posts that had been sunk deep in the ground were unbelievably ripped from the earth and flung through our tin roof — puncturing it like it was made of paper.

Lives were literally on the line as our staff of brave caregivers ushered newborn kittens and their nursing mothers out of danger, out of harm's way while tree limbs and pieces of roofing crashed around them. We have never seen such bravery as our team pulled together like never before.

It is truly a miracle that nobody was harmed! But our beautiful sanctuary that has been a home and safe haven for so many, has been dealt a terrible blow. The wreckage is everywhere.

Estimates to repair the damage and fully restore our life-saving sanctuary could run as high as $20,000!

The worst part is knowing that every moment Hope Animal Sanctuary is not up and operating at 100% mission capacity, lives are being lost.

We MUST restore our sanctuary, located in a tragically underserved region of the Deep South, to full readiness soon! Without this vital, life-saving, (once tranquil) safe haven that houses abused and neglected animals - they will have nowhere else to turn.

Many of the animals in our care are the elderly and infirm: the blind and the lame. Some have lived their ENTIRE LIVES neglected at the end of a short chain. Hope Animal Sanctuary is supposed to be their second chance. What will happen to these innocent lives if extreme weather cripples our facility?

Imagine their relief and comfort as work crews clear away debris and make those first vital repairs.

Your emergency donation now provides that relief. And with even more funds, we'll be able to expand our capabilities and rebuild stronger than ever. That is a miracle too great to ask for.

Your urgent gift today (of any amount) restores their HOPE!

Thank you for caring and helping these animals with nowhere else to turn.

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