Sponsor a Hope Animal Sanctuary Resident Today!

Sponsor a Hope Animal Sanctuary Resident Today!

In the wake of a worldwide pandemic, the rescued animals at Hope Animal Sanctuary need your immediate support - now more than ever!

 While we are careful to ensure that they follow all necessary health precautions, our dedicated animal caretakers are still showing up to work every day to help over 80 animals who are currently living at the Sanctuary.

Adoptions are on hold... 

Other animals still need rescue...

We must work together to make sure the Sanctuary can keep food in animals’ bowls and that they have enough funds to continue running during this dark time.

Which is why we have just opened up the opportunity for YOU to sponsor one of our very special Hope Animal Sanctuary permanent residents.

**See the animals available to sponsor**

Your sponsorship gift today, even just $5/month, will provide one animal resident like Landon with food, shelter, and lots of love and care during this crisis.

Landon is a happy and playful dog who came to us 7 years ago. He loves Hope Animal Sanctuary and the staff so much that he doesn’t ever want to leave. We respect Landon’s shyness with strangers, so we have promised to give him permanent housing and love and care during the crisis and for the rest of his life. We love you, Landon!

In the countryside of Mississippi, deprived of animal shelters and local animal control, Hope Animal Sanctuary gives refuge to neglected animals who are victims of the most inhumane and unimaginable acts of cruelty and violence.

The flare of pain and agony in the eyes of animals on the brink of death, suffering at the hands of their abusers is horrifying and tragic…

But we are here to answer their cries for help!

 At Hope Animal Sanctuary, even during the current public health crisis, our doors MUST remain open to abused animals in need! Our lifesaving mission to rescue animals from cruelty and to transform the flares of pain into bright gleams of hope is now, more than ever, our greatest priority! 


6 years ago, we found Shadow on a barren property, along with a dead dog. Shadow’s weepy eyes said, “Please don’t leave me.” We knew we couldn’t leave him behind, so we took him home to Hope Animal Sanctuary. Shadow loves to spend his days exploring the Sanctuary and receiving lots of warm affection from his caretakers! 

Every year, we are responsible for rescuing thousands of cats, dogs, horses, and other animals from horrendous situations in the rural south; we provide them with immediate veterinary care; and then, those sweet souls are adopted by loving guardians — we love creating happy endings. 

There are, however, a few special animals who call Hope Animal Sanctuary their forever home, and they need your help!

Now is your chance to become one of the first-ever Hope Animal Sanctuary sponsors during the time she needs you most! 

Your vital role as a Hope Animal Sanctuary sponsor will make our other work possible-like, responding to animal emergencies and scooping up helpless animals into our arms and bringing them to the Sanctuary.

Even in the midst of this crisis, we still believe ALL animals deserve love and proper medical treatment. We know you do too.

Sponsoring a permanent sanctuary resident is one of the most rewarding commitments you can make, and it will allow us to rescue even more animals from a life of suffering and abuse.

Our permanent residents are so fortunate to have your sponsorship consideration. YOU give them HOPE!

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