Stella Was Trapped in Her Own Filth, But Now She’s Loving Life!

Stella Was Trapped in Her Own Filth, But Now She’s Loving Life!

We first met Stella while we were working on a large hoarding case. Stella was being kept in absolutely deplorable conditions, but we intervened and took her in at Hope Animal Sanctuary. Thanks to your support, we were able to help her start a new life, where she’s now getting all the love she deserves!  

Like many other dogs on the property, Stella was trapped in a wire crate. She was stuck in there all the time, with no way to escape her own waste. The conditions were so horrendous that Stella’s feet were blistered from urine burns.  

Despite the incredibly inhumane conditions she lived in, Stella still adored being around people. We knew she needed a special person to adopt her because when she bonded with a particular human, she was very protective and a bit aggressive in her defense. Stella needed a guardian who would understand her needs: a person with the patience to teach her to accept everyone. 

That perfect family came along. When they heard Stella’s story, they offered to foster her and help her with training. Even though they were just fostering Stella, they immediately fell in love with her and within a week they knew she would be a part of their family for the rest of her life!

Today, Stella enjoys spending time with her guardians, taking long walks in the woods and playing in cool streams when the weather allows.  

Your donations to In Defense of Animals changed Stella’s life, and we couldn’t be happier about the way things turned out for her. Please help us get more happily ever after endings like this one for more animals by making a donation.

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