Sweet Mama Kitty Sustained Broken Leg During Hurricane Harvey

Sweet Mama Kitty Sustained Broken Leg During Hurricane Harvey

Several weeks after Hurricane Harvey's destruction in Texas, our Lisa Levinson received a call from a representative of a small rescue group in Texas. Thundering Paws Rescue had taken in a mom and her kittens from a shelter that was overflowing, and had no room for this little family. 

The mom, now named Carolina, was unable to walk on her left front leg.  She struggled valiantly to continue to feed her babies even though she must have been in a tremendous amount of pain.  A trip to the vet revealed that her leg was broken and would require surgery. 

With resources already strained by the influx of animals, Thundering Paws Rescue needed help. Lisa reached out to our Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager, Sharon Stone and asked if she would make arrangements to help Carolina.

Clearly Carolina needed help and we were happy to help. 

We are grateful to the people at Thundering Paws Rescue for saving this sweet family and for reaching out for help for them.

Carolina has had her surgery, and now has been reunited with her kittens. Her foster mom Chelsea had this to say about them, “She is just the sweetest kitty and loves attention, cuddles, and watching birds out the window! She's really enjoying being with her kittens, too!"

Your donations to In Defense of Animals make it possible for us to help in many ways, such as fixing Carolina’s leg, so she could be comfortable and happy while caring for her babies.

Pictured is Carolina shortly after her surgery.

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