The Future’s Looking Much Brighter Now for Tiny Kitten With Injured Eye

The Future’s Looking Much Brighter Now for Tiny Kitten With Injured Eye

When the Winona Animal Clinic’s office manager arrived at her veterinary workplace one morning, she heard a soft mewing sound outside. She immediately began looking for the source of the crying and found a tiny kitten hiding behind some crates near the back door.  When she lifted the kitten, who is now named Wilma, she was horrified to see one of her eyes bulging from an obvious injury. 

Even though Wilma must have been in terrible pain, she was so sweet and loving. After an immediate trip inside and an examination by the veterinarian on duty, we were asked if we could take this precious kitten, who was no more than 5-6 weeks old.  Of course, we said a resounding “yes!”  We picked her up along with several different medications she would need.  

When we arrived back at Hope Animal Sanctuary, we carefully applied the prescribed ointment twice a day and gave antibiotics as prescribed, too. Unfortunately, after three days of intensive care, her eye did not improve so we returned to the ve.  He explained that the eye was so damaged it would have to be removed and that she would need surgery immediately because her eye appeared to be about to rupture.  The day after surgery, Wilma was feeling and looking better.  Her stitches will come out very soon and then Wilma will be ready for her forever home.

Thanks to your support, we were able to quickly step in and get Wilma the care she desperately needed without hesitation. We’re grateful for that, and we think she is too. Please help us save more animals like Wilma by making a donation. Thank you for caring.

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