The Miraculous Story of Christmas and Eve

The Miraculous Story of Christmas and Eve

Helping animals in need is always a rewarding experience, and occasionally, we see some wonderful surprises along the way! When our Hope Animal Sanctuary was asked to take in a litter of Catahoula mix puppies, we had no idea what an incredible twist of fate was in store! 

After arriving at the Sanctuary, several of the puppies went to our rescue partner in Maine to find loving homes, including one lucky pup who was named Christmas by her new family. Soon after the adoption, the proud family responded to a local TV station’s request to share pictures of their animal companions on social media, and posted an adorable picture of Christmas!

A member of Animal Rescue Front tagged Sharon Stone, our Operations Manager, in the photo to see if she was one of the pups brought into the Sanctuary. Sharon confirmed she was, indeed, one of our puppies! 

Christmas’ family saw the comment and inquired about the mother of the puppies. As luck would have it, our staff had been working for several months to bring Christmas' mom to the Sanctuary, and she finally arrived about a week before the picture of Christmas was posted. Sharon shared a photo of the mother dog... and when the family saw Christmas' mom, they fell in love at first sight!

Incredibly, Christmas and Eve were reunited. They now live in the Northeast with a family that is completely devoted to them!

Please give what you can to make more dreams come true for animals like Christmas and Eve!

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