There are No Days Off in Animal Rescue!

There are No Days Off in Animal Rescue!

Day in and day out, animals arrive at Hope Animal Sanctuary in need of care. When our foster mom drove to her grandchild’s birthday party, she never expected to return home with a tiny puppy, proving there are truly no days off in animal rescue!

As Carol Purnell and her husband Virgil enjoyed the birthday celebration, they were informed of an individual in the neighborhood who was trying to give away a puppy. This person did not care who took the puppy or where she ended up as long as someone took her!

Animals carelessly given away with no questions asked often end up in the hands of the wrong people, such as breeders, hoarders, animal abusers or dog-fighting organizers. Knowing the dangers of “free” puppies, Carol intervened and offered to take the feisty little girl who weighed in at just 3 pounds!

On the drive home, the puppy slept peacefully, and the caring couple named her Honey. The next day, Honey joined us at the Sanctuary, where she is receiving lots of love and attention from our staff. In a few weeks, Honey will be ready for a new family and home of her own where she will be cared for and valued.

Please donate to In Defense of Animals so we can save more puppies like Honey.

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